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Tree Service for Residential and Commercial Property


Tree service is an integral process in maintaining any landscape. The plants used in their design intend to create synergy so strategy tree trimming will attempt to maintain this balance. Without the right amount of tree pruning, trees will overpower the overall design.

DeWitt Landscaping is your partner in maintaining your landscape with our expert tree service. Tree trimming and tree pruning need to be done regularly and we will create a suitable tree service plan that’s suitable for your needs.

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Tree Trimming to Maximize Health and Maintain an Attractive Shape


One shouldn't underestimate the importance of regular tree trimming and tree pruning to the overall health of your trees. Maintaining regular tree service will not only boost growth but prod it to grow the right direction. Trees that are left unchecked with irregular tree trimming sessions can become a headache to any landowner.

  • Tree trimming can create the right shape
  • Tree pruning can funnel nutrients to high priority areas
  • Regular tree service can make for a long and healthy tree life

Trees can become sturdy as they age with time, lasting generation after generation. As they gain more ring circles, they tend to become a more majestic centrepiece of any landscape project.

Fruit Tree Pruning to Ensure a Bountiful Harvest


Tree pruning is all about properly funnelling the tree’s nutrients. With tree service, nutrients will be distributed everywhere so there will be less to share for every part of the tree. Tree trimming will ensure that there is a reduction of overgrowth.

Without tree pruning, this overgrowth can threaten the parts that require more nutrients. Trees can also contort into strange shapes without tree trimming. Tree service can help mitigate the ill effect of infrequent tree trimming and tree pruning.

  • Trees look unkempt without tree trimming
  • Lack of tree pruning can produce a poor yield
  • Tree service can help aid proper tree growth
  • Out of control trees will require more tree service

Being one of the leading tree service providers, DeWitt Landscaping is a trusted provider of tree trimming and tree pruning services to residential or commercial properties. With our highly-experienced personnel, we can take on any tree pruning session you might require. Give your tree the manicured treatment with our tree trimming and tree pruning services.