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Lawn Care for NE Tacoma Area Home and Business Landscaping


For lawn care, if you are searching for one of the best lawn service and lawn mowing service providers in the NE Tacoma, WA area, then you should know that DeWitt Landscaping is just what you need. As a full service landscaping company in the NE Tacoma area, we offer the following to the residents of the NE Tacoma area:

  • Lawn care
  • Lawn service
  • Lawn mowing service

You will be highly delighted with the lawn care services we have been providing since 2003 in the NE Tacoma area. If you need more information on how we work you can either check our website or visit our office in the NE Tacoma area any day from Monday to Friday, 9 till 5pm.

For lawn care, the lawn service and lawn mowing service we provide in the NE Tacoma area includes the following:

  • Designing the lawn care process
  • Installing the design of lawn service
  • Maintaining lawns through our lawn mowing service in the NE Tacoma area
  • Snow removal for lawn care

Lawn Service for the NE Tacoma Area - Lawn Mowing, Edging and Debris Removal:


Owner of the lawn care, lawn service and lawn mowing service in NE Tacoma area is Robert DeWitt who thought of running a lawn service business after the 9/11 incident. During this period he was questioning what career he would choose.

Robert was in true love with wildlife and natural beauty. He had always been keen about lawn care; hence the idea of a lawn service and lawn mowing service came into his mind. Although he wanted to run a lawn service and lawn mowing service company soon, family duties held him from doing so early.

He, however, took the courage to start his lawn mowing service and lawn service company in 2003 and today, his company has grown famous in not just the NE Tacoma area but his lawn care, lawn service, and lawn mowing service is also popular in other areas like:

  • Pierce County
  • North Thurston
  • King South County

Why Choose Us for Lawn Mowing Service in the NE Tacoma Area?


Of all the lawn care, lawn service and lawn mowing service DeWitt offers, ones that are highly popular for him are landscape installation and snow removal as these make lawns:

  • Clean
  • Beautiful
  • Attractive

Robert also provides a 100% iron-clad risk free guarantee and wants to see you as happy as is possible, so you can recommend his lawn care, lawn service and lawn mowing service to your neighbours.