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Landscaping Services for Residential and Commercial Property


To have beautiful lawns or gardens, one should have a landscape and to have that, a landscape design is essential. DeWitt Landscaping, as a full service landscaping company, offers its exceptionally high-quality lawn service and landscape design services for both commercial and residential properties.

Our aim is to satisfy you through following landscaping services:

  • Landscape design
  • Lawn service
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Snow and ice removal

We tend to increase your satisfaction by providing one of the best landscaping services and lawn service in town. Our high quality lawn service has made us highly popular in:

  • North Thurston
  • South King County
  • Pierce County

Services that are highly popular among citizens include both landscape installation of the landscape design we provide and snow and ice removal as a part of our landscaping maintenance services.

Landscape Design Ideas to Enhance or Start Fresh


Robert DeWitt had to decide about his career line after 9/11 and this is where he came up with the idea of a landscaping company that offers best landscape design and lawn service to its customer.

He, however, had family responsibilities due to which he couldn't set up the landscape design and lawn service business earlier and took the courage to start the setup in the year 2003.

As a young man, Robert DeWitt had always been curious about Mother Nature and was passionate about working with landscaping and landscape design. This is the reason why perfection reflects in the lawn service, landscape design and landscaping efforts of his company.

There is a lot more to our offers and lawn service. To learn more about:

  • Our landscaping efforts
  • Landscape design we offer
  • The kind of lawn service our experts provide

Either explore our website or come visit us any day between Monday and Friday. We remain open from 9 till 5 pm.

Professional Lawn Service for a Lush, Green, and Healthy Lawn


We promise delivery of one of the best landscaping services by offering landscape design and lawn service that:

  • Matches your needs
  • Is matched to the structural appeal of your home
  • And makes you so happy that you suggest us to your friends

In addition to the landscape design and lawn service of our landscaping offerings, we also provide a 100% iron-clad risk free assurance so you can be assured of the reliability and validity of our services.