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Landscape Maintenance for Spanaway Area Home and Business Property


DeWitt Landscaping offers landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, and lawn maintenance to residences and businesses in the Spanaway area. We offer a variety of different services year-round.

Our lawn maintenance, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services include the following:

  • Designing a regular lawn maintenance program for your yard
  • Installing your landscaping
  • Providing yard maintenance as needed

We started our full service landscaping company in 2003 and have been providing lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, and yard maintenance services, including ice and snow removal,to our loyal customers in the Spanaway area.

Lawn Maintenance for a Healthy Spanaway Area Lawn


Our landscape maintenance services are available to both commercial and business needs. While many customers hire us for our lawn maintenance, yard maintenance and landscape maintenance services in the Spanaway area, we’re also often hired during the winter months to help remove snow and ice.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, Robert DeWitt began looking for a new career. In his past, he had always loved working outdoors with nature and had a great interest in lawn maintenance, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance. After considering his options, he decided to open his own landscaping business in the Spanaway area.

DeWitt Landscaping not only offers landscape maintenance, lawn maintenance, and yard maintenance services to those in the Spanaway area but also works with residents in a number of nearby areas:

  • Pierce County
  • North Thurston
  • And South King County

Why Choose Us for Complete Yard Maintenance in the Spanaway Area?


We offer affordable yard maintenance, lawn maintenance, and landscape maintenance services that all of the residents in the Spanaway area can take advantage of.

We deal with all kinds of lawn maintenance, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance and always use the latest tools and equipment. We take pride in beautifying landscapes and yards, and we never leave a job in the Spanaway area half-finished.

A gorgeous lawn or garden takes time, but many people simply can’t fit working in the yard into their schedules. That’s why we offer the following top quality yard maintenance and landscape maintenance in the Spanaway, WA area:

  • Budget-friendly landscape maintenance
  • High quality yard maintenance
  • Reliable lawn maintenance performed whenever you need it.

We even offer a 100% Iron-Clad risk-free-guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your Spanaway area, we’ll do everything we can to fix it! Call us today to talk about your lawn maintenance needs!