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Maintenance Services for Irrigation Systems in North Tacoma


DeWitt Landscaping provides year round maintenance for irrigation systems in North Tacoma, WA. We serve both residential and commercial properties. Regular maintenance for irrigation systems in North Tacoma ensure that your lawn sprinkler system will work efficiently and properly, preventing water waste along with protecting your landscape.

Improperly maintained irrigation systems in North Tacoma can lead to:

  • Water waste due to leaky pipes or valves
  • Misaligned sprinkler heads
  • Over or under watering
  • Uneven water distribution

Our team can also identify and repair any problems with your irrigation system in North Tacoma before they cause permanent damage to your system or landscape.

Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair for North Tacoma Landscaping


If you have brown patches on your lawn, it means your sprinkler is not working properly and needs a professional sprinkler repair. We offer highly dependable sprinkler repair services to North Tacoma residents.

We can handle all types of sprinkler repair needs and we will respond quickly to your service call and perform sprinkler repair in the shortest time possible. Our sprinkler repair services in North Tacoma include:

  • Valve repairs & replacements
  • Leak location and elimination
  • Electric repairs
  • Drip system repairs

Having Problems with Your Lawn Sprinkler System in North Tacoma?


Lawn sprinkler systems in North Tacoma work overtime to ensure appropriate watering for your landscape. This extensive usage can cause operational issues, leading to costly repairs down the lane.

With a reliable company to repair and maintain your lawn sprinkler system in North Tacoma, you can make sure that your grass does not go another day without water, even if your lawn sprinkler system in North Tacoma stops working for one reason or another. Our promise is to diagnose and fix issues with irrigation systems as soon as possible. We get the job done right, the first time. Our features include:

  • Prompt response times
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No job too big or small
  • Quality workmanship
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • FREE Estimates

We offer fast and affordable services for your lawn sprinkler system in North Tacoma. With the changing seasons and weather conditions, it becomes crucial to ensure that your lawn sprinkler system is ready for those changes, too.

If you are looking for services for your lawn sprinkler system in North Tacoma, why not give DeWitt Plumbing a call at 253-431-7843, and find out exactly what we can do for you. We look forward to serving your needs.