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Maintenance Services for Irrigation Systems in Lake Tapps


Efficient irrigation systems are crucial for good landscape care in homes or commercial properties of Lake Tapps, WA. Meanwhile, regular and proper maintenance service is essential to keep these irrigation systems working efficiently. DeWitt Landscaping can help.

A leading landscaping company that was established in 2003, we offer specialized services for maintenance of irrigation systems in Lake Tapps. We can service any drip irrigation system or lawn sprinkler system.

Our technicians check every part of the installed system carefully to ensure that the irrigation systems we maintain in Lake Tapps always:

  • Operate smoothly, without intermittent stalling
  • Give out the right amount of water
  • Hydrate the landscape uniformly

We also provide sprinkler repair services. Still, our focus is on being so thorough with the preventive maintenance work on irrigation systems of our Lake Tapps customers that their sprinkler repair needs are kept to a minimum.

Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair for Lake Tapps Landscaping


Like any other equipment, a drip irrigation or lawn sprinkler system can develop a snag that demands professional repair services. We are here to fulfill all kinds of sprinkler repair needs in Lake Tapps.

Lack of proper watering can destroy a painstakingly installed landscaping in a short time. We know this, and also realize that it can be cumbersome to water the landscaping with hoses. That is why we make sure to complete our sprinkler repair jobs in Lake Tapps with:

  • Timely services that minimizes the hassles of customers
  • Correct diagnosis of underlying issues, and accurate repairs
  • Lasting sprinkler repair solutions that fix the problem correctly

We are committed to delivering the superior sprinkler repair services that Lake Tapps residents deserve and expect from us.

Having Problems with Your Lawn Sprinkler System in Lake Tapps?


Irrigation systems are important investments that bring a lot of ease into lawn and landscape maintenance. Moreover, getting a lawn sprinkler system installed in a Lake Tapps property requires a significant financial commitment from the property owner.

Therefore, you should avoid trying to fix your lawn sprinkler system in Lake Tapps on your own, and hire experienced professionals like us. Call us when you observe any problem with your lawn sprinkler system.

We are one of the leading sources for lawn sprinkler system repair in Lake Tapps, and assure you of services that:

  • Meet the highest specifications
  • Go beyond the established industry standards
  • Surpass your expectations

Need reliable services for maintenance or repair of irrigation systems in Lake Tapps? Call DeWitt Landscaping at 253-431-7843.